Optometrist in Marina

Optometrist in Marina

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Marina

At Peninsula Eye Care our optometrist in Marina can help improve your vision easily and without the need for eyeglasses using contact lenses. But what kind of contact lenses are best for you? Read on to find out more about contact lenses and the different types of lenses that most patients commonly wear to correct their vision.

The most common types of =contact lenses we provide patients are soft contact lenses, and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Those are also know for short as GP lenses. Soft contacts are much more common; they are easily fitted, comfortable and versatile. They also come in many different types. Disposable contacts should not be worn for any longer than that. Extended wear contacts are used for longer periods of time. Some contacts can be worn for up to two weeks. Patients are familiar with disposable lenses, which can be thrown away at the end of every day and worn for just a day. The reason is because the lenses are thin and designed to only be worn for about 24 hours. Our optometrist in Marina can tell you more.

GP lenses are not used as often because they’re a little harder to adjust to, but they are ideal for people with complex prescriptions and those who have astigmatism. GP lenses are functional and once they are adjusted to, can provide very sharp vision and amazing sight. For more information on the kind of contacts that are best for you or your family, call Peninsula Eye Care today. We’re here to answer questions, set appointments and provide you with the best eye service available, at affordable prices. We have 3 convenient locations to better serve you. One in Salinas, one in Marina and one in Monterey. All 3 offer full eye care services.

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